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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice informs you of how Factory Solutions Limited collects and processes your personal data.

Our company is Factory Solutions Limited (FSL), Unit 96, Springhill, Salters Lane, Lower Moor, Pershore, WR10 2PE. Our email address is

Neville Duke is a Director and for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulations he is the data controller.

I you become dissatisfied with how we collect or process your data do contact us and we will investigate and aim to resolve the matter. If the situation does not improve for you then should complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), (

FSL relies upon holding accurate data about you. If you are made aware of inaccuracies then please contact straight away at

Remember that we will not collect any sensitive data about you. Sensitive data includes details of your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical beliefs, any criminal convictions and offences, your political opinions, trade union membership and any information about your health.

Your personal data will be used where legally allowed. This will include instances such as:

  • Management of a contract between our businesses.
  • Where FSL has legitimate interests and your interests and rights do not override this.
  • To ensure FSL remains compliant with regulatory or legal obligations.

You will always have the right to withdraw from receiving marketing information by email by clicking our standard ‘unsubscribe’ feature on all messages you may receive from us.

These tables show how we intend to use your data and the legal grounds for doing so. Please email us if you need more information about this.

Purpose Data Description Lawful Grounds
To register you as a customer • Identity
• Contact
• Delivery of a contract
To process your order including invoicing and payment • Identity
• Contact
• Financial
• Transaction
• Marketing and Communications
• Delivery of a contract
• Legitimate interest to recover money owed to FSL.
To manage our working relationship including notifying you about changes to our terms or policies. We may ask you to leave us a testimonial. • Identity
• Contact
• Profile
• Marketing and Communications
• Delivery of a contract
• Legal obligation
• Legitimate interest to keep our data accurate
• Review our products/services
To perform our administration and protect our business.  • Identity
• Contact
• Technical
• Legitimate interest of running our business, administration and IT, to prevent fraud
• Legal obligation
To provide relevant information to you and manage our advertising • Identity
• Contact
• Profile
• Marketing and Communications
• Legitimate interest to grow our business
To advise and recommend services which may be of interest to you • Identity
• Contact
• Profile
• Legitimate interest to grow our business and develop our services

You may receive marketing information from us if you have made contact with us by email, telephone or via our website in the past, or if you have previously used our services. We may contact you with marketing information if we believe the organisation you work for may benefit from the services we offer. We will not share your personal data with any third party without your express consent.

If you decide opt out of receiving our marketing communications, this will not affect any data provided to us as a result of a previous contract with FSL to provide services or products.

We may need to share your data with service providers for the purposes of running our business as shown in the table above. These service providers assist our business by providing IT and system administration, legal, banking, auditing and insurance services.

Your data may be shared with HMRC or any other authorities in the UK where we are required to report our business activities. Any third party to whom we transfer your data will be required to treat the data in accordance with the data protection laws and will only be permitted to use your data as instructed by us.

Some of the service providers that we use to run our business may be based outside of the European Economic Area and where we are required to transfer your data to them we will do our best to ensure similar security levels for data processing by making sure the following appropriate safeguards are implemented:

  • Your data will only be transferred to countries that provide an adequate level of security for personal data as deemed by the European Commission; or
  • For specific service providers we may use contracts, codes of conduct or certifications approved by the European Commission which show that personal data has the same protection as it has in Europe; or
  • Where we use service providers based in the USA, we may transfer data to them if they are listed to be part of the EU-US Privacy Shield.

If we cannot ascertain any of the above safeguards we will request specific consent form you for any transfer of your data. You have to right to object to this transfer and to withdraw your consent at any point. If you require further details on any service provider used or any specific transfer please email us.

As a business we have appropriate security measures in place to prevent data from being lost, accessed or used by any unauthorised party. We also procedures to deal with any suspected data breach. We will notify you and any regulator of any personal data breach when legally required to do so.