Designing Cooling &
Heating Systems

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Company Profile

Factory Solutions Ltd is structured to solve the time and resource dilemma; our specialist knowledge focuses on solving specific cooling and heating problems right down to the details.

We offer clients our auditing survey, report and drawing package to visualise and realise their ideas.

Our short report format helps the ‘Y’ or ‘N’ decision before proceeding with a fully specified, costed design to the boardroom or client.
Afterwards FSL are the independent advisors, giving assistance, calculating returns on investment, vetting contracts at pre tender and post tender stages.

We can select air-handling equipment and fluid components, calculate duct and pipe work dimensions with pressure drops and fluid resistance calculations. Convective and radiant heat gains, overpressure values – no problem.
Get in touch, have a conversation – help your customers and your sanity too!

Do you suspect your factory operates with negative internal pressure? We can recommend a series of corrective measures to re balance your air pressure!

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