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When it’s beyond help… and there’s nothing you can offer…

Still guessing heat losses?

I was asked to go down to a craft bakery in the south, a very successful business, the compact site busy, an appetising range of ready-to-eat Danish pastries, iced buns and much more  – everything the business could produce the retailers literally snatched from them!

But it was the weather, when it (finally) warmed up which was always when the production bottlenecks occurred and just frustrated the efforts of all to deliver goods from the factory door.

Products just wouldn’t cool quickly enough to prevent condensation forming inside the sealed packaging – which naturally delivered a reject from QA on food safety compliance.

It was clear how the preparation areas, ovens and racked post-oven cooling areas had grown. Ceiling mounted coolers, ventilation in the ovens areas more ventilation to the packing area. Then big expansion, upgrade of ovens, more coolers in preparation then the need to cool, not just ventilate post-oven and more canopy ventilation over toasted product lines as well,  … well just mayhem!

The roof void was full of ductwork, flues, refrigerant pipe work, ceiling fans, all working against each other and no space to the building perimeter to locate any more equipment.

I had to admit  – “there’s nothing I can help you with – take your wonderful products and relocate”.

Well clearly this was what many staff and management had placed as No.1 on their wish lists  – my contact included, who seemed serenely relieved of at least some of his burden.

I wrote a brief report – and reflected that this was not quite the relief from pain, which those in our business try to solve all of the time. In the future who knows, they may call again!

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