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Vanishing Panelling

Vanishing Panelling

I arrived at one factory last year they are (and still are) are good customers of ours; we were to look at the packing area receiving too many staff complaints about the heat. A new line had started production; the factory had swallowed it up without too much bother. Packing conditions at low level was OK, not perfect but then it wasn’t summer.

So I walked up on the mezzanine above for a look and it was ROASTING   – any control of temperature had been completely lost; a couple of the staff checking product flow rates were perspiring in the heat, as was I!

Then someone said it was that new line they put in 2 months ago. Well I looked it over carefully – hot processes but modern technology, well insulated and the packing line, well again, nothing extreme, heat gains certainly, but nothing to add all that heat energy!

The adjoining process area was well also ventilated  – a large displacement system with plenty of airflow to be able to cope with the hot conditions.

So displacement this side and a mixing air system the other, I looked up at the roof (8 meters) to inspect the dividing wall, but it was missing! Gone!  – the top panels just weren’t there any more! All that was left was a big gap with the new conveyor line running though it.

So who had decided to take the wall down in between and more importantly, why!?

Well it was a decision by Production – the quickest route across the factory, which avoided the installation of another lift conveyor.

Anyway, the hot air had been raised to roof level by the displacement ventilation and had simply rolled through the gap into packing. So the mixing ventilation in packing had done its job and hey presto, it was roasting!

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