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Still guessing heat losses? Why not try a cooling trial?

Still guessing heat losses?

Manufacturers of industrial freezing and chilling equipment invariably rely on freezing and cooling trials. – without the knowledge of the time taken to freeze or cool between the exit of a heating process and the final temperature how else could the design parameters of equipment be determined – one wrong guess, at a product flow of 1.5 tons per hour could be very costly.

Clearly when my good customers packing chilled food in a new production area said ‘how do we cool this one?’ then the answer was emphatic, ‘what are the heat gains?’ Well, quite a lot of heat comes from packing the hot product conveyed straight from processing, (sounds familiar) the final manual handling exposes the packs to the room air and they lose heat into the space.

But how much? And over what time period?

So we mixed up a batch of product in the lab and set about replication of the production floor conditions  – containers, racks, trolleys, even the ventilation.

By timing the temperature drop over the period allowed for manual handling we found out the temperature difference. Thus we were able to add the loss of heat from the packs to all the other heat gains in the room and calculate the amount of ventilating air to keep the production team happy.

The moral of the story: with cooling problems don’t wing it when you can trial it.

Uncertain of how much production heat enters a packaging area?  – call us for some advice – the results could save you a lot of cash!

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