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Design The Ideal & Applying The Reality

Design the idea & applying the reality

I had spent many days on site and years of visits at the expense of a number of different employers nurturing this one.

The heat gain survey throughout the plant was completed, every motor, heat sealer, light (lamp), refrigeration unit (yes – indoors!) person, solar gain, product gain, ingression of air – accounted for!

From this we knew how much airflow to deploy and where it would enter the factory, but as importantly, how to distribute it. The hotter area with single level occupancy; displacement.  Areas where there the distribution of personnel was multi- level; an air mixing system.

We spent some time with a number of manufacturers on the site agreeing specifications and looking at the challenges of installation without causing excessive disruption to the factory operation.

With the contractor’s brief completed in report format we sat down with Directors and formulated the ventilation and cooling plan for the factory – some of the options stayed others were parked, modifications were made, the fine line between cost and performance was arrived at and agreed upon.

Business decisions always involve making tough choices, delivering comfortable working conditions are not always just about money but it is ultimately a showstopper. That’s why providing options for cooling and heating solutions is vital.

As recognizing that hiring and holding onto good staff is becoming more important, the need to invest in work place conditions where no investment has been made before will continue occupy the minds of Directors.

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