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Case Studies for Contractors

Working with Contractors

One of my contractor customers called me, they had completed a re build for an instrumentation manufacturer; new cleanroom walls, floor, ceilings all fully air conditioned with two air handling units free issued by the client.  Two chillers from another site were also included in the package with a spare twin head pump and another pump bolted onto an insulated water tank.

The height difference between the ground floor and the air plant was seven meters and the air-handling units were already piped up with some rather undersized connections to the chilled water circuit. There was a sketch kicking around showing no valves and no flow rates. The question was, how to get it all working?

FSL obtained the cooling capacity of the air-handling units from the manufacturer and then matched both loads with the two chillers. Unit one would serve 66% of the load the other the remaining 33% during summer peak ambient.

Our hydraulic resistance calculations showed that one of the original chiller pumps would deliver the required flow around the air handling unit circuits, the larger twin head pump would have added in excess of £2500/annum to the energy bill had we used it. A new tank was ordered, as the original was too small to provide the required buffer capacity for the circuit and with it two new circulating pumps.

With FSL’s revised ‘sketch’ to hand the pipe work contractors installed and insulated the circuit, quickly siting the pumps and valves ensuring the circuits were self priming as we instructed.

Now perhaps they could have managed all this without help, but pressed for time and without instruction someone had to take responsibility for the science or maths and deliver the end results!

If you find yourself in this position then call us – it’s the price of a conversation but ultimately your peace of mind too!

Needless to say all now working, contractor pleased!

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