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Regular pipe work surveys expose L8 (Legionella) risks!

As an example the poultry processing industry is a major user of water. FSL’s turkey processing client used up to 600m3 per day of borehole water on their site. The majority was abstracted under license but in the event of a pump failure the pipework installation was able to revert to mains water thus ‘insuring’ against loss of production.

The bore water was specially dosed whether heating, spray rinsing or used for factory cleaning. Under water regulations and bylaws the company had to prevent pollution to the mains water supply and guard against the transmission of legionella bacteria.

FSL completed an extensive survey of the water pipework throughout the entire processing operation. The brief, in the L8 code of practice, was to record all routes in a series of drawings in schematic form. They included the water pipework; hot and cold, chlorinated and untreated, flow and return to every lairage, processing and packing area.

By referring to the completed drawings the company proved the necessary precautions were in place to separate mains and borehole supplies and prevent risks from legionella as part of their due diligence to the inspection authorities.
FSL returned again to upgrade the schematic as a result of processing expansion on site.

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